Monday, May 14, 2012


I’m always looking for tools to make life easier and make writing easier.  I have several files around with notes, but I never open them and they’re scattered around my computer.  So, what if there was a great app online to help you track characters and plot points for your writing projects or to do lists for personal or professional use?  What about being able to draw and put pictures on it, too?
There is: CheckItBoard.  It does all of this and more.  Here’s a sample page I generated for a story about a sympathetic Wall Street executive who’s been forced to resign with only a $5 million golden parachute after he approves a $2 billion dollar package of risky trades.  I’m sure you’ll empathize with him and his savior/love interest.

Create your own boards and pages on CheckItBoard!  It’s free and I created it in my other life as a software engineer.  Check it out.