Saturday, May 22, 2010

Starting Something New

My first fiction attempt, a Middle Grade novel is currently in beta.  I have a couple people reading it, well hopefully they're actually reading it, and I need to find a couple more.  In the meantime, I've been tossing a couple of other book ideas around in my head.  The first one is a fictional memoir, but I haven't figured out some of the general things the protagonist has done, and I haven't figured out whether it's going to be in first or third person either.  I started in first person, just a page, but I'm having doubts.

My second idea is a thriller.  I started with a basic premise, based on a job that I had a few years ago, and have turned it into a novel about terrorists, software (technical details will be kept to a minimum), and an attempt to assassinate someone.  I'm not the greatest plot planner and don't want to do too much up front planning, but I jotted down a few ideas and couldn't see how I'd fill a book.  During an afternoon, I came up with a few more ideas and now, I may be able to pull it off.  I know this is just my typical up-front jitters about taking a new step on a new work.  Somehow I managed to create my Middle Grade novel and this one will come, too.  I started that less than a year ago and I've forgotten already that it, too, began with just a basic premise and took several weeks of writing and brainstorming to come to fruition.  This one will, too.  One thing I will be doing is reading a few more thrillers to see how other authors build the story, the tension, and the action.

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