Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All About Me

We live in an in-your-face world nowadays.  I don't think it was always this way.  It seems like it has become moreso in the past couple of decades.  Young people (especially teens) have this "It's all about me" attitude.  It's not universal, by any means.  There are still plenty of humble, philanthropic young people.  Maybe they just get drowned out by the fanfare of the others who do blow their own horns. 

It can be hard for some people to constantly live in the shadows of the horn-blowers.  For one thing, it frequently baffles one why they're so high on themselves in the first place.  When observed objectively, they're often no funnier, smarter, prettier, or more talented than everyone else.  The air about them, on the other hand, merely gives the illusion that their talents fit their presentation.  It's funny that although they might not measure up, their optimism and self-opinion seldom wane, even in the face of an ultimately ordinary life.

For those who live on the humbler side, after a while, as one goes through life, it becomes necessary to take up a horn occasionally to obtain deserved recognition, a job, a raise, etc.  I admire those people whose accomplishments speak for themselves; whose proof of deserving praise is concrete and not just a repeated assertion that they deserve it simply because they say so.

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